Superfridge POS Requirements & Guidelines

Creative Guidelines

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 The advertising surrounding Superfridge is the most critical factor in gaining consumers’ attention to your brand’s Superfridge event.  The more consumers it can attract, the greater the sales potential.

 Posters – 25 inches wide x 19 7/8 inches high

The posters surround the Superfridge unit and comprise the largest advertising space in a supermarket.  Their purpose is to attract shoppers from 30 – 40 feet away.


•Try to keep the advertising as visually simple/clear-cut as possible.  If possible, view layouts – at the final size – from a distance.  Type size and style are important considerations.  One dominant element is preferable.

•Brand identification – either through use of a logo or package shot – should be prominent.  Unless new or unique, the package itself is less important for Superfridge than for other forms of advertising.  Consumers don’t have to seek it out.  It’s right there.

•Appetite appeal can be most helpful in creating the purchase impulse.


•If it is NEW – SCREAM IT!

•Use colors judiciously.  Contrast is important and can improve readability.  Remember, “white” is a color.

•Please complete the message.  Although the execution needs to be visually arresting, your advertising still must be compelling.  Consider including “reasons why” and especially a “call to action.” Shoppers need to be told.  The shopping cart replaces imagination.  While this Superfridge element is called a “poster,” it is still an “advertisement.”

 Danglers & Tear Pads

Add a tear pad or dangler for even more impact!

Tear Pad


Artwork & POS Materials Requirements and Submission

Final Artwork

•Client must pre-approve artwork to ensure artwork meets Superfridge’s required specifications prior to submittal. No mention of a sale, feature activity or any pricing information is allowed in SUPERFRIDGE advertising. Any material with this information on it will NOT be printed.

•Final artwork must be submitted to Printing Agency by specified due dates per Slot.  A late fee will incur if artwork is received after posted deadlines.

•Artwork can be mailed or uploaded to a designated FTP address.  If mailing, samples of finished material need to be included.  A PDF file needs to accompany all files that are uploaded to FTP address.  A one day advance notice must be given if using FTP Address.


•Superfridge will approve all final proofs received from Printing Agency.

•In the event Client wishes to approve proofs, review & approval process must be completed within 3 business days of proof receipt.  Notification of approval must be emailed to Superfridge Promotion Coordinator.

•Minor changes such as blemishes & slight repositioning of artwork to fit within Superfridge’s specifications can be accomplished by Printing Agency.  If additional changes are needed new artwork must be re-submitted.

•Note:  New artwork must be received by Printing Agency within 3 business days after initial receipt of proofs.  If Client requests new proofs, approval must be emailed to Superfridge Promotion Coordinator within 2 business days of new proof receipt.

•Client proofs charges will apply per delivery.

For additional information, contact Superfridge’s Director Sales Support: