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Take your product from here…..

 …and place it here! Superfridge takes both a product and its advertising out from hiding – maximizing brand sales.

 SF Trop unit

Superfridge is a fully managed in-store advertising/promotion service currently available in 3,000 stores across the United States:

  • One of the largest advertising forums available in supermarkets
  • Dedicated display unit, placed in high traffic perimeter aisle locations, allowing shoppers to immediately respond to brand’s advertising
  • Fully coordinated merchandising support – during pre-event sell-in and store level execution
  • Typical sales lift against baseline sales measured through triple-digit growth

Superfridge combines three marketing tools that are traditionally purchased independently into one self-contained program that generates greater incremental sales volume than can be expected from the sum of its components.

Superfridge is a permanent part of participating retailers’ marketing mix.  Different brands are typically scheduled every two weeks – keeping consumer interest at peak levels.  Each event is timed to overlay a brand’s reduced pricing activity – maximizing brand and category sales.

Retailers support Superfridge.

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