Superfridge is a fully managed and serviced display program  that has been successfully increasing participating retailers’ sales and profit since its inception in 1988 and is currently operating in 3,000 stores across the country.

Superfridge generates incremental same store category sales growth in retailers’ higher profit frozen and refrigerated product departments.

Superfridge encourages impulse purchasing among shoppers who do not ordinarily purchase the featured products -increasing total category sales.

Superfridge is planned and purchased – using corporate manufacturers’ national advertising and consumer promotion dollars – as an alternative to traditional consumer marketing programs.  Local MDF funds are not used to fund Superfridge.

The Superfridge unit  is dual-temperature – narrow profile – permanent equipment, capable of featuring both refrigerated and frozen items.  It is provided at no charge to each participating store.  Attractive, high-impact POS advertising surrounds each unit.  Promotions are rotated every two weeks – offering a constantly changing appearance to shoppers.

Superfridge is serviced by its own merchandiser force and requires minimal involvement of store personnel – beyond ordering/reordering the promoted product to prevent out of stocks and maximize profits.

Superfridge promotions are fully coordinated with manufacturers’ sales/broker/distribution forces and retail buying groups to ensure the event coincides with a price reduction, or other qualifying trade activity. Retail buyers have final approval of all items highlighted in each Superfridge event.

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